Most painful thing in life

When I was a child, I was asking my father to buy a compact video game system but my father refused to buy because of the hefty price that my father could not afford. I felt angry on my father, cried, and felt that was the most painful thing in my life at that age.

When I failed in an admission exam for a school, I was hurt as my close friends went through the exam and got the admission into the school. I felt painful and thought that was the most hurting moment at that time.

When I was failing my job interviews in search of my first job, I questioned myself if I was worth, felt hurt and thought of the most painful thing.

When I was cheated and lost money, I felt disturbed and lost happiness for some days, felt and thought when we lose something, which we own something like property, money, etc. then it hurts us and felt that was the most painful thing.

When my friend could not marry his loved one, he felt very bad about missing her but later he married another one. Missing our loved ones is definitely the most painful thing. Though they do not forget loved ones, they get love from other dearest ones they are living with.

When my wife lost her father unexpectedly, she felt so disturbed. It was a difficult situation for her that I could understand. Whenever we lose our loved one, it would be the most difficult and most painful that is inexplicable. Their emotions and memories chase us. Losing a person close to us is the most painful thing. The rest are very smaller ones. I realized this is the most painful thing among all.

I realized later that there is other equally most painful. This is the softest pain, keeps prolonging, unforgettable, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Guess what could be, when our love is one-sided and our loved ones ignore us. When we love or like any person honestly, genuinely with pure by mind and heart but they ignore us, avoid us, the pain that it gives is difficult to explain and this pain exist in our heart when we could not convince them and make them understand. Some start hating or become violent when their loved ones reject or avoid them. How can we hate when we loved a person. If we hate a person, it means we never loved them honestly. We may have an angry but we cannot hate. Hate and Love cannot be in one place. When we genuinely loved or liked a person, if they avoid or reject , just love them. Love them ever and ever.

Hate and Love cannot be in one place. If we honestly love a person, we can not hate. we may have an angry but cannot hate. 


  1. erotik says:

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