Why the people don’t accept the old as young

Some time back, I went to one of my relative’s place due to an occasion. The place is a small town with a little population. People over there are a bit traditional and highly culture followed. One evening I went to a shop to buy some gift items for the occasion. The shop was small enough not so many people can accommodate. There I had seen an interesting couple. The man came in fashion wear with denim trousers and polo tee, had a sports shoe with ultra-modern sunglasses. He had a great fragrance when he crossed by due to the perfume he used and with a fashioned hat on his head. The woman came with him had a great makeup with a modern purse hanging to one of her hands. She had a nice ear-rings, golden bangle in one hand, and a stylish watch on the other hand. She had curlier hair and had party-wear with high heels, though not able to walk firmly but managed to walk. It looks the couple was visitors to the town. The people in the shop were a bit surprised after seeing this couple, some were shocked, some were laughing, some were murmuring. It was not because of the fancy dress they had, not because of the modern dress they had, not because of the way they looked but because of their age. The couple was aged around 60+.

Why People think so

I was thinking for some time why the people didn’t accept them. Since that was a small place, I could listen to what they spoke. One of them said, “Is this needed for them at this age?”. They couldn’t accept the couple dressed and decorated in a modern avatar as young couples. Their mindset is stereotyped in such a way that they expect the old should act traditionally. Why our minds are stereotyped in such a manner. I believe probably the previous generations set those standards as the old would confine to only caring, sacrificing, divinity, cultural, traditional, orthodox. The other reason could be the old means that they are almost finished, meant for nothing, carelessness, incapable, physically weak, not good-looking. So the society excludes the old group into a separate category, sets the rules for them, implied restrictions, defined the stereotypes and made it is a part of social structure. So the old people are tuned in a such away that they themselves feel they become old and must follow the stereotypes of the society.

Other situations

There are many other situations that the old cannot be considered to be young in many societies, mostly non-western. They shouldn’t ever try to look good, wear fashion dresses, or have heavy makeup. They shouldn’t remarry or ever try to live together, or can’t be romantic and lovely with someone. If anyone tries to be that way, the society says they are shameless, cheap, awkward, nasty, awful and distressful.

I believe the age is in the minds and thoughts about what we think and how we think. It shouldn’t be related to physicality. Since life in the universe has a definite time, it will start and end at some time. So why restrictions based on the age group. Imagine if a society redefines the meaning of age not based on the physical outer look but based on the thoughts, actions and the results people produce. Some say whenever people become aged they should set standards for the younger generation, so they should behave as per stereotypes defined. That’s true, but the standards and stereotypes could be on what they achieved in their lives or share their experiences with the younger generation but not on remarriages, living together, intimacy and the outfits!

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